Aristide Law's partners recently intervened on the following cases:  

Sale of an industrial company in the aircraft industry, based in France and India, to a large Japanese listed group;

Acquisition of a hotel by a specialized fund;

Absorption by a listed real estate company from its main shareholder;

Sale o f a group of 30 residential buildings to an investment fund;

High-stakes tax litigations related to the questioning of the constitutionality of certain taxes;

Support and negotiation of amicable solutions in the context of tax audits;

Defense of a foreign company in a dispute concerning the 3% tax on foreign owned real estate;

Negotiation of a tax worthy for an insurance company;

Support of a large foreign association in a dispute relating to a building;

Recasting of the by-laws of an association recognized for public utility;

International reorganization of a vast estate involving several countries in Europe and the United States;

Litigation relating to bank loans;

Cancellation of a personal financial guarantee in the context of an act of commerce;